3rd Annual Training and Development Workshop

Andy Prince

Cost Engineer

Marshall Space Centre, NASA

Frank A. (Andy) Prince has spent over 30 years in the field of parametric cost estimating and analysis.  Mr. Prince began his career as contractor developing cost models for the GSFC Resource Analysis Office (RAO).  Since 1991, Andy has been a member of the MSFC Engineering Cost Office, first as a staff member and for the last 7 years as manager.  Since joining NASA Andy has been privileged to participate in a broad range of cost estimating and analysis activities.  His experiences range from scientific mission cost estimating and analysis to heavy lift launch vehicle estimating to human spaceflight architecture studies.  He has managed cost model developments (most recently for the Project Cost Estimating Capability), led a government/industry cost credibility team for Orbital Space Plane, developed a benefit-cost analysis guide for IT architectures, performed a benefit-cost analysis on the Commercial Crew Program for HEOMD, and was Cost and Affordability lead for the Constellation Program Systems Engineering and Integration Office.  While on detail to NASA Headquarters he served as the manager of the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate Program Evaluation Office.  He has also done details with the IPAO and as the business manager for the MSFC Engineering Directorate Spacecraft and Vehicle Systems Engineering Department.  Andy has degrees in Mathematics and Economics (1984), teaches courses in cost estimating for MSFC, is a lifetime member of the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA), is an ICEAA Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst, and has written several award winning conference papers.

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