ICEAA Canada is a the Canadian chapter of the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association. More details are available at:

Please remember that the ICEAA Canada annual workshop delegate’s fee includes a membership to ICEAA.

ICEAA Members Code of Ethics

  • Assure my professional reputation for competence and integrity
  • Avoid any conduct that would reflect unfavorably on the dignity or honor of the profession
  • Submit accurate and objective analyses and accept responsibility for my efforts
  • Promote cooperation among members of the profession, extending consideration and courtesies to all
  • Assist fellow analysts in their professional development, advance the art of cost estimating and analysis, and actively participate in the educational process
  • Improve the effectiveness and stature of the profession by exchanging information and experience with others
  • Encourage participation in career-oriented activities and work to expand public knowledge of and appreciation for the profession